The Wealth of Abominations

by Ashen Divinity

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ASHEN DIVINITY lineup on this record:

Sandi "Ruski" Orbanić - vocals
Enver Jurdana - guitars, bass
Danijel Biloslav - drums

Produced, mixed and mastered by Ashen Divinity
Drums recorded at Triban Studio in November 2011
with producer Lari Šain

All music by Ashen Divinity, except "Eternal Evil" (P. Grižonič/Ashen Divinity) "Civil Disobedience" and "Dismal Existence" (A. Paoletić/Ashen Divinity)

All lyrics by Ashen Divinity
Cover and band photography by Ashen Divinity


released January 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Ashen Divinity Istria County, Croatia

Ashen Divinity is a death/thrash metal project formed in 2010 by former members of Infernal Tenebra. Nothing innovative. Nothing groundbreaking. No modern influences, cheesy contamination, contemporary bollox or stuff like that. Just pure, straightforward, honest old-school METAL. ... more

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Track Name: The Art of Hypocrisy

High above, beyond the walls
Evil dwells
Far away from our sight
Human snakes
Creeping among us

Digital nightmares shine
Switching things
Vicious beings
Spurious thoughts
Spread spiral blackness

Conform or die
Obey or fall
Decline your will
The swallowing system

You're nothing but
A silent cog
That turns inside
His dark spiteful engine

Towers full of hideous lies
And forked tongues
To deceive and imitate
Truth with their
Empty rhetoric

Future's just a forgery
Of their plans
Hide the facts
To control
The public opinion

The piper's here
To lead the rats
To precipice
The promised land they yearn for

Hang on his word
And cross his sign
Feed his machine
By means of a ballot box

See the shepherd and his herd
Following him obsequiously
Mindless, blinded crowd

The politics of promises
The politics of hollow words
Put your trust
In his hands
The gentle art
Of hypocrisy

Ruleless games of leaders as
Their facade hides away
From your eyes
Dangerous intentions

A paper world of laws and acts
Legal crimes
Lies are told
Strings are pulled
Last result - breeding disorder

The right to vote
To choose the one
Who'll take you to
A far brighter future

As promises
Of bygone days
Will drown into
The sea of oblivion

See the shepherd and his herd
Intertwined in repulsive feasts
Fed on ignorance

The power orgy has begun
Just give your vote and lock your brain
Put your trust
In his hands
The subtle art
Of hypocrisy
Track Name: Civil Disobedience

Anger bursting deep inside,
Frustration grows,
Seething rage within my veins,
Feeding on my days.

Your spree will be my sickness.

Winds of chaos bring dictatorship,
As the iron fist is hidden beneath the
Velvet glove of diplomacy,
That beguiles the eyes
Of stupidity.

See the madness lurk, as it waits to explode
Feel the pressure rise,
Feel your sanity fall down

You can control my acts,
You can control my movements,
But you can't shape my thoughts,
I hold 'em tight.

The more you try to smite,
The more I'll put resistance,
My fortress will stand tall,
You just back off!

Absurd orders,
Absurd commands,
Won't contaminate my mind.

Are you aware,
Of your total lack,
Of reason and common sense?

Of reason and common sense!

Pent up feelings, under pressure
Let injustice,
Form the rules in name of

Pent up feelings, under pressure
Let injustice,
Form the laws in name of
Forged liberty.

I don't care
For your senseless promises
I refuse to be a pawn of your sick games.

I don't care,
For your hollow, barren words
I refuse to absorb your demagogy. absorb your demagogy!
Track Name: Autumn Shadows

By the cold rays of a dying sun
Bitterness of a new dawn

Echoes of cries from the emptiness
Silent tears baptised their world

Fiery rivers of rage
Flowing on truth's second face

There's a dark
Shape of a figure whose face's unseen
They know that those eyes can see

Unresolved mystery's that's swallowing
A merciful chance, a rebirth

Body and prison are one
Scriptures are shaping their world

Shadows in autumn
Are joining the dance
Through forests of unconsciousness
Shadows in autumn
Horizons they scan
Searching for uncertainty's feeble hands
As the riddle's still unsolved
The shadows of reason obscured
By loneliness

Your scream
Of rage
As pride
Is ripped
And torn

Ruled by authorities that neglect
Basic rights of dignity
Echoes of cries that are still unheard
Caught in a twilight of death
Body and prison are one
In a life of misery

Shadows in autumn
Are joining the dance
Through forests of unconsciousness
Shadows in autumn
Horizons they scan
Searching for uncertainty's feeble hands
As the riddle's still unsolved
The shadows of reason obscured
By loneliness
Track Name: Eternal Evil

Stronger than reason
Known since the dawn of time
Hidden in shadows
Of human consciousness

It sees no boundaries
Inborn in human hearts
So self-renewing
In Ouroborus forms

Coming forth in grim waves
To drown lives
Flaming darkness ripping through
Blackened skies
From the cradle to the grave
It lives on
From the father to his son
It won't be gone

"One has to be cruel,
In order to be kind"
said the devious shepherd
To his herd so blind

Come join the dance of chaos
The piper's summoning his choir

Eternal Evil,
Eternal Evil,

There will be evil
As long as mankind lives
There will be conflicts
As long as leaders preach

Hatred and violence
Wrapped up in peaceful words
There's no salvation
In this cold, tortured world

Like an ever blowing wind
Sneaking through
Centuries whose pages are
Inked in blood
From the cradle to the grave
Across the land
From the father to his son
It knows no end...
Track Name: Schadenfreude

Deadly words
Dripping out from mouths that crave for
Sanctity through sin
Obnoxious ways to show devotion

Razor minds
Masks that hide the fangs of falsehood
Thirst for blood
Shares the thirst for holy water

Six days a week you act like a whore
On Sunday morning just kiss the church door
Reset your guilt and start o'er again
Follow the Christ and live on people's pain

Forgive me father, I have sinned
Forgive me father, I'll begin
Once again to feel that joy
My only god is Schadenfreude

Pervert paths
Leading to the gates of heaven
Trick the rules
Let religion be your sideboard

Kiss the cross
Like you kiss the ass of your boss
The house of god
Is the laundry for your soul

Is this the point of being so pious?
To be a follower and such a liar?
To be a wolf under the cloak of a sheep
The guilt you reject is the guilt that you just need

Forgive me father, I have sinned
Heal me from my deepest shame
Give me peace, let me enjoy
The loveliness of Schadenfreude

Wash away
The faults you've done with no remorse
Wash away
With nothing more than just a prayer

Cleanse your soul, purify your mind
Your inner faith, so shallow and blind
Reboot your consciousness and cross yourself
Build a new heaven on other people's hell

Forgive me father, 'nother time
Get some quid and turn your head
Share my mirth, ignore my sins
The golden rule of Schadenfreude